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The plant team “Everyone in Steel” reached the final International League of Club of the Funny and Inventive People

According to the results of the first 1/2, which took place on October 19, the Club of the Funny and Inventive People team of the Byelorussian metallurgical plant “Everyone in Steel” reached the final of The international League. By the amount of scores in the overall standings metallurgists took a second place, beating competitors from St. Petersburg, Minsk, Vladivostok, Vladimir and Ulyanovsk.


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BMZ- became a two-time award winner of the association the "Foundry and metallurgy 2018. Belarus"

JSC " BSW – the management company of the “BMC “ holding” was rewarded with two awards at the 26th International scientific and technical conference   “Foundry and metallurgy 2018. Belarus.» The prize-winner of the association of "Foundry and metallurgy 2018. Belarus” award for “the Best scientific and production work of a young scientist or engineer “was an employee of plant  research center Alexander Strelchenko, the leader of the company is recognized in the nomination “the Best innovative project”.


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BMZ awarded its best suppliers

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" announced its best suppliers. Today they were awarded at the 4th international conference for suppliers to BMZ, taking place today in Minsk. Business partners of BMZ from 13 countries(Japan, China, Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) took part in a large-scale forum.


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BMZ will complete extensive reconstruction of Fume treatment-3 in 2019

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" plans to put new Fume treatment-3 into operation in 2019. Total investments to construct it would exceed $13,5 mln. Implementation of the costly project aims to reduce emissions of polluting substances into atmosphere.


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Production of steel cord at BMZ overstepped 1 800 000 t.

1 mln. 800 thousandth t. of steel cord was dispatched by Steel wire shop – 2 on October 1st. That much of this product have been produced by Steel wire shops – 1, 2 since BMZ commissioned steel cord & wire production in the past.


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BMZ mastered 10 new steel grades for automotive sector in 2018

Summarizing 8 months 2018 OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" ramped up sales of steel products for automotive sector by 23%. Today these products are regularly consumed by more than 20 globally recognized customers, i.e. Mahindra Forgings AG, Hammerwerk Fridingen AG, Schondelmaier GmbH-Presswerk, PAO KAMAZ, AO BelZAN, etc.


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17 external audits were carried out at BMZ in June-August

17 external audits were carried out at OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" within 3 summer months. Theyarebothcertificationauditsand, customers’ audits. Major focus was rolling mill, as now its new product is actively promoted by BMZ in the global steel market.


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BSW will host the fourth suppliers’ conference

Within the framework of international conference "Foundry and metallurgy 2018. Belarus" which will host the 4th international conference of suppliers of OJSC " BSW - management company of "BMC" holding”, which will be held on October 17-18, 2018 .It is expected that about 100 business partners from around the world will take part in it. Six of them on the basis of the work for the reporting period will be awarded with the awards "Best Supplier" or "Reliable Supplier".


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BSW develops rebar production of a new section

OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding produced a trial batch of a new product type – rebar of diameter 8 mm.  Before this rolled metal produced at BSW only of diameters from 10 to 40 mm.


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BSW was admitted absolute winner of XV anniversary Republican competition «The best construction product of year»

By the results of XV anniversary Republican competition «The best construction product of year», conclusion of which was announced on 5 September, OJSC “BSW – management company of “BMC” holding was twice award-winning: rebar, produced at BSW, was awarded a winner and the plant itself became a holder of Grand prix.