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BMZ brought annual agreements and awards from “Metal-Expo’2019”

At “Metal-Expo'2019” International Industrial Exhibition, which recently took place in Moscow, “Byelorussian steel works - management company of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” hоlding” signed agreements on the supply of metal products worth about $ 40 million, and also won awards in competitions for the best video products “Metal –Vision'2019” as well as for the publication among metallurgical companies and research organizations. The company was awarded the Cup for "Best Exposition" and the diploma "For high professional organization of products and services promotion”.


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BSW employees earned two silver medals on WorldSkillsHi-Tech 2019

The Second Open Eurasian Championship within the frame of WorldSkillsHi-Tech2019, which was held in Yekaterinburg, was successful for the Belarusian team. Representatives of Belarus competed in three professions - “Laboratory and Chemical Analysis”, “Labor Protection”, “BIM design technologies”, and won silver medals in each of them. It is gratifying that employees of OJSC "BSW - management company of"BMC" holding" defended thehonour of the country in two of the three competences.


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BSW employees represent Belarus on WorldSkillsHi-Tech 2019

On October 28 in Yekaterinburg the Second Open Eurasian Championship started within the frame of WorldSkillsHi-Tech2019. It gathered more than 700 contestants who would compete in 48 specialities. Employees of OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding"would also demonstrate their professional skills in the championship.


30-10-2019 307 Views

BSW begins sales through the commodity exchange

Sale of the first batch of steel products of OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMC” holding” with the volume of 1 thousand tons through the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) is scheduled for this November.


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BMZ employee wins AF&M-2019 award

The 27th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Foundry and Metallurgy 2019. Belarus" was held on October 16-17 in Zhlobin, which was organized by the Association of Foundry and Metallurgists of the Republic of Belarus (AF&M) and the Belarusian National Technical University. The large-scale forum called together about 100 representatives of specialized companies and scientific organizations from Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Egypt at the premises of the Zhlobin Metallurgical College.


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BSW signed an agreement at the 2nd Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine

OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMC” holding” takes an active part in the 2nd Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine which takes place in Zhytomyr on 3-4 October.   Together withpresentation of an export potential of holding companies and establishment of new business contacts during the Forum BSW signed a commercial agreement on cooperation with PJSC “Rosava” for 2020.


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The best machine builders of the country were honored in Zhlobin

A gala night dedicated to the Day of Machine Builder was arranged in Zhlobin on September, 27. The best representatives of the country’s industry were honored at festive event. Among 35 professionals who were awarded with Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Industry there are two employees of OJSC «Byelorussian Steel Works -management company of «BMC»holding. The works itself also received a high award - the Certificate of Honor of State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus.


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Three companies ‘BMC’ holding are recognized as winners of the professional republican competition “The Best Construction Product of the Year 2019”

The results of the annual republican competition "The Best Construction Product of the Year" were summed up. According to the results of the expert evaluation of the jury, the products of three BMC holding companies were awarded the Honorary Diploma of the winner: Mogilev Metallurgical Plant, Rechitsa Hardware Plant and Byelorussian Steel Works.


23-08-2019 319 Views

The milestone of 55 million tons of steel was passed at BSW

55 millionth ton of steel was melted in arc furnace melting shop No 1 of OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding on August 21. It took the plant nearly 35 years to produce such a volume of steel.


22-08-2019 357 Views

Experts evaluated BSW as a finalist of competition for CIS Prize for advances in quality field

Experts from Russia and Kazakhstan were working at OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding for two days of current week within the evaluation of BSW as a finalist of competition for CIS Prize for advances in product and services quality field (the second stage of the competition).