About company

«Trade house BSW» LLC, is authorized by OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding» (reference) to sell products to the customers and accept claims on the territory of Russian Federation.

OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding» - has started its history in 1984 and nowadays is considered one of the best metallurgical enterprises not only in Belarus but also in the world.

Our plant is the unique enterprise by its technological level and completeness of metallurgical cycle. It should be noted that regardless of the fact that as raw material the plant uses metal scrap, so-called industrial wastes, it is capable to manufacture complicated and high-technology product – steel cord and supply it to the world leaders of tire industry.

For the long history of the plant existence it was able to increase industrial, technological and personnel potential.

The plant follows continuous development and even in difficult times considers the possibility to realize number of big investment projects. It is not a secret that organization of seamless pipes production facilities at BSW was not the last project and another ambitious target is construction of plate rolling production facility in the future.

World financial and economical crisis had negative impact on metallurgy and forced a lot of enterprises to adjust their investment plans. Under the impact of crisis there was registered significant decrease of effective demand at the steel market. Metallurgical enterprises could not sell the same amount of products as earlier and had to decrease volumes of output.

In tough conditions BSW was the only enterprise among other big metallurgical enterprises which could develop in a good time anti-crisis actions and maintain existing output rate. There are no doubts that the plant will be able to overcome difficult period.

The plant considers long-term competitiveness as the main strategic target and is planning to expand its share at the steel market. In 2007 was made a decision to establish commodity-distribution network of Byelorussian steel works – Trade house BSW.


Byelorussian Steel Works consists of four main production facilities connected by a single processing chain, namely: steel melting, rolling, steel cord and wire production and pipe-rolling. The plant also includes number of auxiliary divisions and an administrative division.

Steel-melting production includes a scrap preparation shop and two electric steel melting shops. Rolling production consists of a section rolling shop, which includes three rolling mills with different profiles.

Steel cord and wire production is represented by three steel cord and wire shops, a powder metallurgy and die workshop, and a technological packing workshop.

Pipe-rolling production is located in a separate building with area of 40 thousand square meters.

The company’s infrastructure consists of maintenance and repair departments for power, electrical and mechanical equipment, a railway workshop, an automobile workshop and other auxiliary divisions.

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