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Steel cord and wire production

In the product mix produced by Byelorussian Steel Works.special place is taken by production of steel cord and wire shops – steel cord and bronzed bead wire for au- tomobile tires reinforcing as well as brass plated hose wire for reinforcing of high pressure hoses. Byelorussian Steel Works was the first company in the world to develop and implement closed production cycle — from steel melting in electric arc furnaces to the production of the abovementioned kinds of wire products — within one enterprise.

The designed production capacity of three wire shops allow manufacturing over 100 steel cord constructions, 20 dimension-sizes of bead wire and 45 dimension- sizes of hose wire. Apart from that wire product mix includes welding wire (copper-plated and non-copper- plated), spring wire, reinforcing wire, wheel arm wire, nail wire, and general application wire.

Thanks to the automation and equipment utilization steel cord and wire shops are among the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing facilities of the type. Byelorussian Steel Works.was the first to test some types of technological equip- ment, which in the end essentially influenced develop- ment of the entire metal cord industry.

Specialists of Byelorussian Steel Works.in close cooperation with scientists were at the forefront of development and production of super-high-tensile (SHT) and ultra-high-tensile (UHT) steel cord, which allowed the company to boost the quality and reliability of automobile tires.

Byelorussian Steel Works.continues to work on development of steel cord constructions with properties which have no analogues in the world. Byelorussian Steel Works is by right recognized the trendsetter in the field and has 14% share of the world market of independent steel cord suppliers.

Recently production of cold-drawn reinforcement bars with diameter range 4-12mm has been mastered at the plant.