Current information on tender-based purchasing held at OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding». Fax your offers to participate and probably you will be our supplier!


Buy scrap carload lots. The minimum amount - 500 tons per month
 Name   Standart
1А, 2А, 3А, 4А, 5А, 8А, 9А, 10А, 11А, 12А, 1B1, 2B1, 3B1, 4B1, 1B2,
2B2, 3B2, 4B2, 1B3, 2B3, 3B3, 4B3
GOST 2787-75
8A\AP-1, 8A\HKL-1, 9A\AP-1, 9A\HKL-1, 11A\AP-2, 8A\AP-2, 8A\HKL-2,
9A\AP-2, 9A\HKL-2, 11A\HKL-2
TU BY 04778771.038-99
3A2 TC 840 KC 07-2001
5B22 TC 840 KC 11-99


Raw materials and other materials are purchased based on the committee decision on competitive list, except for when purchasing graphitized electrodes, where purchasing is carried out by tender.
  1. step - request for commercial proposals from well-known suppliers (the info is also available on national site for purchasing, i.e. http://www.icetrade.by).
  2. step - received commercial proposals are reviewed. Then, invitations to participate in tender in person are sent to all suppliers, who sent their proposals. In the invitation we specify the lowest price offered by suppliers on INCOTERMS 2010.

After the committee evaluating competitive lists announced a winning bidder, a request to supply the goods is placed to a winning bidder, the rest are informed they lost.

In order to form requests for purchasing raw materials and other materials, we suggest that you make a commercial proposal to head of Raw material supply dpt., fax: : +375 2334 5-59-45 or e-mail:mn.uss@bmz.gomel.by

Propose prices as low as possible for raw materials and other materials with delay in payment within at least 30 days. 
Commercial proposal should include the following data:

  1. price; conditions of delivery; mode of payment; volume of delivery; fractional composition; quality, GOST, technical conditions, manufacturing plant;
  2. approx. material purchase volume;
  3. preferred delivery terms DAP the border of the Republic of Belarus, DAP Zhlobin.

According to the law of the REPUBLIC OF BELARUS the goods can be purchased as follows:

  1. from organizations-producers residents and nonresidents of the REPUBLIC OF BELARUS or their sales organizations.
  2. at exchange auctions of JSC 'Byelorussian universal commodity exchange'.

When the above mentioned required conditions are fulfilled, we will be pleased to see your company among candidates to supply raw materials and other materials to our company. 
We suggest that you consider the possibility of direct supplies to our company. 
If the above mentioned data is not submitted, commercial proposal will not be considered.


Bureau of refractory:

+ 375 2334 5-40-60
+ 375 2334 5-53-74


«The list of careless suppliers» is kept at OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding» in compliance with the company's standard STP 840-KSM-7.4-2008