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Steel melting production

At the engineering stage it was designated that the plant would utilize metal scrap as main source of raw material. Therefore metal scrap is the main component of a furnace-charge used for steel melt- ing. For production of cord steel grades iron-rich pellets are used.

The fully mechanized processing chain includes metal scrap acceptance, sorting, processing and furnace- charge preparation. At every stage of the process, which takes place in the scrap preparation shop, chemical composition and other important parameters of row materials are monitored.

Byelorussian Steel Works.has three powerful electric arc melting furnaces with the capacity of 100 tons for each. Long time ago for the first time in the uSSr practice a supreme level electric melting technique was implemented here. Later the technique was essentially improved using computer technologies. The improvement enabled the company to produce a wide range of high quality steel grades.

The steelmaking concept is based on a production scheme consisting of «electric arc furnace – steel ladle». Large number of advanced methods is used in steel melting process such as: furnace bottom tap- ping, liquid metal purging with inert gas during melt- ing, vacuum degassing of liquid steel, refining of steel with flux cored wire, utilization of pouring nozzle for stream protection, electromagnetic stirring in molds and others.

Casting process is also automated and controlled by computer. Steel is cast by three continuous casting machines. Two six-strands casting machines with sections sized 125х125 and 140x140 and one four- strands bloom caster with sections sized 250x300 and 300x400.