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Rolling production

Byelorussian Steel Works is highly technological rolling production is represented by a modernized light-section mill 320, a wire mill 150 and a medium-section reversing mill 850.

Rolling mill 320 can produce rolled metal with the speed of 20 m/s, including rebars with diameter range 10 to 40 mm, angles sized 20х20 and 50х50, channels sized 6.5 mm as well as rounds of various diameters, hex bars, square bars and bands. The entire process is automated and employs the latest technologies. Production capacity of the mill is 800,000 tons of rolled products per year.

The wire mill 150 includes six roughing stands, twelve intermediate stands, 8-stand wire unit and 4-stand reducing-sizing unit as well as modern mechanized line for production of rolled material in coils. It is de- signed for production of carbon steel, structural steel,low-alloyed steel, including cord steel, quality wire rod with the diameter of 5.0-22mm as well as hot-rolled reinforcing bars sized 6-12 mm. The wire mill has a unique five-zone walking beam continuous furnace, which is equipped with automated control systems. Production capacity - 490,000 tons of rolled material annually.

Medium-section reversing mill DuO-850 is used for production of round bars with diameter range 80-160 mm, including inch range products, as well as square billets sized 100х100, 125х125. For the purpose of product quality control and improvement of its marketable view the mill is equipped with finishing line intended for inspection of surface and structural defects, de-scaling, surface defects grinding, cutting to desired length, automated packing and marking. Production capacity - 450,000 tons of rolled material annually.