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BMZ awarded its best suppliers

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" announced its best suppliers. Today they were awarded at the 4th international conference for suppliers to BMZ, taking place today in Minsk. Business partners of BMZ from 13 countries(Japan, China, Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) took part in a large-scale forum.


Every year procurement list of OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" exceeds 1000 items, i.e. from metal scrap, spare parts and components to such special-purpose items as diamond powder used in steel cord & wire production so to grind dies. More than 800 companies from around the world ensure deliveries of wire range of raw materials and other materials to the enterprise.

   Clearly understanding that quality of metal products starts with suppliers, BMZ builds up efficient bilateral relations with them. Demonstrative example of cooperation, when a supplier not only sells its goods, but strives to perfect it taking a customer’s requirements into account, is cooperation with ‘Keralit’ company. This year they have been recognized as the best supplier of refractories. Thus, this company has been in close contact with BMZ research center specialists for two years regarding concrete drying time decrease, i.e. the concrete which is used for working lining in ladles. Thanks to jointly implemented technological solutions, this time decreased from 50-60 hours down to 37, which speeds up a lot ladles preparation time before production. The result is positive from economic perspective, i.e. concrete drying time decrease allows for wider application of this material instead of refractory bricks, decreasing unit costs for working lining by 10%.

   The conference would also strengthen transparent partnership with suppliers. The participants heard first-hand about plans of BMZ on innovation development at the event, they discussed with BMZ management the approaches to assess and select suppliers in the company’s quality management system, as well as became familiar with purchasing results and the rules used to organize them. Anticipated and the most pleasant part of the forum is awarding the best suppliers. It was composed of six categories, winner for each category: Refractories — OOO ‘Keralit’, Metal scrap — OAO ‘Belvtorchermet’, Ferroalloys — AO ‘EVRAZ Vanadi Tula’, MTS materials — Lubrimetal spa, Spare parts and auxiliary materials — OOO ‘PO ENERGOCOMPLECT’, Transport — OAO ‘BelAz’. A number of years of joint work link BMZ with each of the mentioned suppliers. Besides, each supplier of raw materials and other materials, having been recognized as ‘The Best’, per the company’s rating system, was rated as the excellent supplier, which proves high quality of their product and adherence to delivery timeline.

   It should be noted that BMZ supplies metal products for construction and oil & gas sectors, global auto groups of companies and tyre companies, that is why it is clearly aware of what high customers’ demands are. By the way, in 2017 BMZ was added to 5% of the best global executors in EcoVadis CSR monitoring platform, where it was being assessed as per requirements set by its tyre cord consumers. As per date published on the web-site of the world known organization, Byelorussian enterprise passed successfully appraisal of corporate social responsibility made by experts, and was rated as ‘Golden Recognition’.