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26-11-2014 2520 Views

BMZ Rolling Plant 30th Anniversary

November 5, 2014 the Rolling Plant of BMZ celebrates its anniversary. The commissioning of this facility took place in three weeks after BMZ first heat (October 15, 1984). Today the rollers may be proud of not only millions tonnes of products, but up-to-date technologies, well-coordinated team of high-class specialists.

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13-11-2014 2385 Views

Steel melting furnaces started to work 2 days earlier than was planned

Byelorussian Steel Works finished to replace the network at Steel melting Shops ahead of time that allowed to start up two electric arc furnaces and produced about 8,7 thousand tonnes of steel additionally.

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16-10-2014 2574 Views

15 millionth tonne of steel – to anniversary!

The workers of Electric Steel Melting Shop-1 have reached 15 millionth maximum at   electric arc furnace-1 towards of BMZ thirtieth anniversary.

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15-10-2014 2675 Views

Dear friends!

The hot heart of Byelorussian Steel Works has been beating with confidence for already thirty years. The amazing history has been written over the past years, rich in bright events, the difficulties that have been overcome, achievements that were impossible at first sight, and proven hopes.

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04-09-2014 2570 Views

Wire Plant-1 of BMZ reached 1,5 million tonnes of steel products over its production history

On August 29, 2014 the anniversary tone of steel cord of construction 9L20/35 was prepared at package area of Wire Plant-1 to supply to JSC “Belshina” (Bobruisk).

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