Reinforcing bars

Reinforcing die-rolled section bars S500 class

Ø  8-40 mm
Steel grade:
chemical composition acc. to STB 1704-2012
STB 1704-2012

Indicator name The value of the class
S240 S5001)
Profile Smooth According to figures 1 and 4 According to figures 2 and 3
nominal diameter dnom, mm 6-40 6-40 4-16
Physical or yield strength Re, MPa, no less2) 240 500 500
The ratio of tensile strength to the physical or proof strength Rm/Re, no less2) 1,3 1,08 1,053),4)
Complete elongation at maximum load Аgt %, no less 5,0 2,54),5)
Relative elongation δ5, %, no less 25 14 126)
Bending tests cold:7) bend angle
the mandrel diameter, mm
Bending tests with unbending:7) the angle of bending
straightening angle
mandrel diameter, mm
  1. For armature S500 class, made by cold deformation, all the mechanical properties should be taken for S500 grade fixtures, made in drawing 2.
  2. As the yield strength Re adopted the upper limit of the yield ReH. In unexpressed yield point determine proof stress tolerances on the amount of plastic deformation of 0.2%.
  3. For armature diameter 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5 mm - Rm/Re not less than 1.03.
  4. For armature with a diameter of 4.0 mm in the preparation of indicators below the specified tensile strength Rm shall not be less than 650 MPa.
  5. For armature diameter 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5 mm - Аgt not less than 1.5%.
  6. For armature with a diameter 4.0 and 5.0 mm controlled δ100, adopted by not less than 2.5%.
  7. Suitability for bending should be determined by tests to bending or bending with unbending.
  8. For armature with a diameter of 5.0 mm and 4.0 perform tests on the bend in accordance with GOST 1579. The minimum number of bends - five.
  9. For armature with a diameter of more than 16 mm - diameter mandrel — 6 dnom.
  10. For armature 20 and diameter 25 mm diameter mandrel - 8 ddnom. For armature with a diameter greater than 25 mm diameter mandrel - 10 dnom.

In bundles, weight 5 tons max., with banding by wire rod 6,5 mm in 6 places min. equally distributed over bundle. Each bundle is provided with 2 steel straps for multiple lifting.

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