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Rolling Mill-2 renewed its daily output record

On April 12, 2017 the teams-1 and -3 of Rolling Mill-2 reached a new daily output record. 3224,547 t of hot-rolled products were manufactured this day. A lasting achievement was fixed at wire rod line (Ø 11,2 mm).

It is notable that this record was reached with low steel factor: 18,4 kg for one ton (35,9 kg is normal). In other words, the saving was 17,5 kg for one ton of rolled products. 


The produced steel were processed at Wire Plants. It should be noted that in 2016 Rolling Mill-2 carried out the plant development with production capacity of 484 270 t, 400 000 out of them were sold to the amount of $133 mln. The rest of rolled products was used as the billets for own production at Wire Plants. The product export of Rolling Mill-2 was about 83%. The manufactured steel was supplied to 27 countries. The bigger countries-exporters became the Netherlands, Israel, Poland and Germany.