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BMZ is the winner of the award of the Ministry of Industry

The project of the specialists from Byelorussian Steel Works won the award of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus 2016 in the field of science and engineering. The award was presented to BMZ representatives on February 16.


‘Development of manufacturing process for hot-rolled rounds at OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" for producers of automotive parts in Western Europe’ was awarded a high mark by the Ministry of Industry this year. The team of creators is composed of general director (BMZ) А.N.Savenok, deputy general director for technology & quality Е.А. Peretiagina, chief specialist for steel melting S.V. Konovalenko, head of Research center А.V.Vengura, head of the laboratory (steel melting) I.А.Bondarenko, lead manufacturing engineer in the Research laboratory N.А.Hodosovskaya.

   — As organizational and technological actions foreseen by the project were implemented, within recent 5 years BMZ became an approved supplier of rolled product for forging shops and mechanical machining companies in Western Europe, which, further on, supply finished products to assembly shops of lead auto-makers. For example, concerns DAIMLER, GENERAL MOTORS, VOLKSWAGEN, etc’, said Andrei Victorovich, Vengura. — More than 37 000 t of rolled product to the amount of $17,3 mln. was shipped to them.

 Itshouldbenotedthatawardedprojectrequiredrigorousandcomprehensivework. Think of it, it required to develop operating manufacturing practices for 30 new steel grades for the company, as well as roll them. Simultaneously with these activities the people were working hard on certification and approval of products by customers. More than 25 audits were conducted only by them within 2012 to 2016 in mill 850 and mill 370/150.

   As a result a set of implemented actions already enabled BMZ to enter the markets of Germany, Italy, France, Poland with round rolled product for automotive industry, and make itself known as a reliable supplier of this product. Such a recognition, undoubtedly, is a new page in the history of the company.