28-02-2017 2495 Views

BMZ has been recognized as scientific organization

Year of Science begins for BMZ with remarkable event: OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" obtained Accreditation Certificate as scientific organization. This decision was taken based on results of science-technical and innovation activities of the enterprise. These results were reviewed by experts from National committee for science and technologies of the Republic of Belarus and National Academy of Science in Belarus.


Undoubtedly, achievement of science organization status leads to a new round of development of already intense research activities at BMZ. Today research activities are focused on Technical dpt. and Research center of the company. The people of these departments are mostly responsible for both introduction of new (raw) materials into production and for development of the process to produce innovative types of products. For instance, in 2016 the company’s specialists worked hard to develop manufacturing process for new types of products in mill 370х150: approx. 70 sections of bars, rebars and wire rod from 58 steel grades. Aggregate result of this activity is the share of innovative products in total shipments, namely approx. 20 percentatBMZlastyear.

   It should also be noted that Byelorussian Steel Works has been in close cooperation with foreign and domestic science organizations within all its history, paying great attention to development of the company’s employees potential. Thus, now the company employs 7 Candidates of Science, more than 60 employees are postgraduate students and Masters.