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Bar & Wire rod Mill (BMZ) achieved designed capacity

November 29, 2016: team of Rolling mill-2 achieved designed capacity of monthly production ahead of time: the shop people produced 57 500th ton of rolled product to orders of specific customers.

It should be noted that earlier (November 24) the team of Rolling mill-2 set up a record of daily production, namely 3156 t. of rolled product. This is the evidence that the new facility is running sustainably strengthening economic potential of the country.

This event, definitely, goes down in history of the new shop and Byelorussian Steel Works as one of the most important. Back in September 25, 2015 during official ceremony of shop opening head of state charged the shop people with achieving designed capacity by the end of 2016. It has happened. Prior to achievement of 57 500 t. per month, the shop people got over a number of difficulties normally related to the stage of designed capacity achievement, i.e. all sorts of hot and cold tests, fine-tuning of operating practice, start of Garret line, setting and re-setting the mill subject to the product to be produced, etc. 

The team of Rolling mill-2 is the youngest in Byelorussian Steel Works. Teams Nos. 1 and 3 had the honour to produce this ton of rolled product, but, as Serhei Volosovich (head of rolling mill-2) said, all process-related personnel as well as auxiliary services in the shop made their contribution.

Presently, geographic scope of the products produced in Rolling mill-2 has gone beyond the borders of Europe. The products have been shipped to such companies as Belastahl (Germany, Poland, Finland); Belmet (Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland); Dismas (Italy); BMZ Polska (The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia); BKS (the Netherlands); BMZ Baltija (Germany, Lithuania); Commodity (USA); Duferco (USA, Israel), as well as to the customers in our country, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.