30-11-2016 2446 Views

Steel Wire Shop 1 (BMZ) have dispatched anniversary ton of product

The team of steel wire shop-1 started Monday morning in a very ceremonial way. It is symbolic, but the shop produced their anniversary batch of product on November 21 (right on their 29th birthday). The team put a sticker on 993 kg. box saying ‘1 million 700 thousand tons’.


The box with steel cord will leave Packing & Finished Product Stockroom for OJSC ‘Belshina’. The team of Cabling area-1, or rather those who spared a minute in their working schedule, came over to ‘see off’ the festive box and take a picture to remember.

   Oleg Abramenko (deputy general director for steel cord & wire products) said words of gratitude to the employees this morning:

   —My greetings to you on the occasion that this symbolic and production-related mark has been achieved. Thank you for solid and stable work. Carry on!

   Evgeni Ragozik (head of SWS-1) wished strong health and success to steel makers, saying ‘thank you’ to steel cord & wire group, especially to all four teams in Cabling area-1. ‘I am positive that only good news lies ahead’, noted the manager.