11-04-2016 2090 Views

BSW will support European Commission in anti-dumping investigation

OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding» decided to cooperate with European Commission and registered itself as an interested party in anti-dumping investigation against import to European Community of steel rebars from the Republic of Belarus.

European Commission will receive answers to all questions and explanations required to make corresponding decisions. Also the enterprise will turn for consulting services to experienced lawyers who together with specialists and subjects of commodity distribution network will took all the actions required for competent legal protection of BSW in anti-dumping investigation. Different organizations and commercial partners agreed to provide support to the enterprise.

It should be mentioned that within the last years the main world-wide problem of metallurgy was significant decrease of metal production consumption resulting in excess supply and a great drop in prices in the market. Those difficult conditions were a painful blow to the economies of the enterprises and placed a lot of those who used to be the leaders of the industry to a category of loss-makers. Existing situation reminds a fighting for survival and forces metallurgists to appeal to governmental support in their countries. One of the most applicable mechanisms used by the manufacturers to protect their interests is initiation of antidumping investigations in order to impose additional (antidumping) duties.

Similar way was chosen by the metallurgists of European Union. In particular, on the last day of March European Commission officially notified about anti-dumping investigation against import to European Union of steel rebars from the Republic of Belarus on appeal of «Eurofer» (The European Steel Association).