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Steel Wire Shop-2 of Byelorussian Steel Works celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The third stage of BMZ was called “Pluscord”. The destiny of this complex is amazing. Its startup was held on the year of Soviet Union disintegration. Suddenly, the efficient system fell to the ground,but the Shop could not only hold out but reach international borders. Now the Shop maintains a high level in spite of difficult conditions.

On March 2, 2016 the celebration in honour of the best workers and labour veterans of Wire Shop-2 was held on. The best workers and labour veterans of Wire Shop-2 were celebrated. Over 25 years at Wire Shop-2 720 thou t of steel cord, 509 thou t of hose wire, 159 thou t of other wire were produced.

Total amount is about 1 million  388 thousand t. Practically all products are exported. Such famous companies as Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgstone, Nokian Tyres (Finland, Russia), «Cordiant» (Russia), Nizhnekamskshina (Russia), Rosava (Ukraine), Belshina (Belarus) are regular consumers of BMZ steelcord. Hose wire is a strategic kind of products that Wire Shop-2 manufactures. Its quality is approved by many certificates. Many important events were held on for 25 years – international market entries, equipment modernization, output of anniversary tonnes, new products development.

So, since 2010 BMZ mastered the production of steel cord for heavy trucks as part of the import-substituting program. The customers of such products became not only domestic company Belshina, but such foreign companies as Manuli (Italy) and Mitas (Czech Republic). The starting point became  the development and adoption of “Quality Assurance System” that was applied then in all BMZ production. This system (1993) was a powerful impulse for further steel cord production development.

As General Director said, the next step was the shipping of steel cord for heavy and beyond heavy tires. The progressive development had never stopped. Thanks to it the Wire Shop-2 has enormous perspectives. In future, the modernization of cable machines will be carried out. It should be noted that the team of Wire Shop mastered 65 dimension types of steel cord, 54 dimension types of hose wire in dia.0,15 – 0,81mm and more than 22 types of different purpose wire. 27 workers of Wire Shop-2awarde wit Diplomas of OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “BMC” holding”.