15-02-2016 1992 Views

BMZ is promoting their product produced in new rolling mill

Long before the rolling mill – 2 was commissioned BMZ had started exploring the markets to sell the product. After production of the first batch of marketable rolled product these exploring activities became more intensive. Three foreign groups (from Germany, France and the USA) audited the enterprise only within the first week of February.

The basic target of all of them is to scrutinize the process flow, assess qualification of the specialists, verify the top quality of products.

  For example, last year SONA BLW, the major German producer of components for automotive industry, performed trial tests of hot-rolled rounds produced in mill 850 (BMZ). The customer is satisfied with the results. OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" (the supplier of rolled products) has been audited and this is an important step forward for further cooperation on a commercial scale.


   — Having visited our company for the first time, the representatives of the German producer appreciated Quality Management System introduced at the plant, —said the Head of Research Center A.V.Vengura. — When visiting BMZ, the foreign partners became familiar with the whole production flow, including Raw Materials Supply (Scrap Yard), steel melting and casting (melting shop-2), Quality Control (Central Plant Lab) and final steps, namely mill 850 and rolling shop-2.

   The auditors noted top competence of the staff from process-related services and specialists from the Central Plant Lab. Especially they were impressed with Rolling shop – 2. In their opinion, BMZ truly created a unique technological complex. The guests paid close attention to product quality, in particular, to how quality is controlled. Based on audit results, the guests rested assured that BMZ is capable to produce products as per their requirements. It is important to note that on the whole this cooperation became possible thanks to competent support of such partners in Germany as Belastahl Aussenhandel GmbH and Heine+Beisswenger Stiftung+Co. KG.