10-02-2016 2004 Views

BMZ - BelVEB bank: time-tested partnership

Last week BelVEB bank awarded his best clients. They were 14 successful enterprises in the country, reliable strategic partners of the Bank, and OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" (leader in its sector) is among them. Byelorussian Steel Works was presented with the Winner’s Diploma based on the performance of 2015 by Bank BelVEB OJSC in ‘Time-Tested Partnership’ nomination.

According to chief specialist for financial issues D.E.Putsenich, partnership relations and business mutually beneficial relations unite BMZ and Bank BelVEB OJSC for many years. The Bank provides a wide range of services, which is used by the company in its financial activities.

— It should be noted that Bank BelVEB OJSC also participates in funding of the current activities of our enterprise, — said D.E.Putsenich. — Short-term and long-term credit lines have been established. The intention is to carry on bringing credit resources within them. The agreement has been made with the Bank to issue bank guarantees, which are actively used by the company when getting financed by foreign banks, as well as for the current activities.


When judging who the winners are, the management of the Bank considered not only available current accounts and duration of cooperation with Bank BelVEB OJSC, but also judged scope of used work and services, provided by Bank BelVEB OJSC, amount of revenues incoming to the current accounts of the Bank in absolute figures.

This high rating of BMZ (business partner) is kind of surety for further fruitful cooperation.