07-12-2015 1943 Views

BMZ is now able to produce hot-rolled 4-side ribbed rebar

Nowadays the BMZ specialists produce rolled products of such section on demand of one of the European customers.

  The 4-side ribbed steel reinforcement bars have been produced since August of this year at Mill-150. The millmen developed the manufacture of this section with diameters 6, 8, 10, 12 mm.  More than 7 thouthand t of new products were dispatched.


The 4-side ribbed rebar has its own reserved – rebar core has a square shape, but at the same time external ribs are threaded in around shape”, - says Dmitri Tatarinov, Deputy Chief of Area of Mill-150.


In order to meet the requirements for mechanical properties, sizes, linear density and surface quality, so called 'relay race' method was used for rolling: five semis per batch (there were several batches) were used to test several modes of two-stage clooling of rebar. And only after test results showed stable quality characteristics, the best mode of rolling to produce metal product for a certain batch of rebars was recommended.