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Bearing steel grades for European producers

Approx. 20 t. of rounds Ø 110 mm, manufactured from top quality bearing steel grade in mill 850, was shipped to a foreign country. The consumer for this product is Massucco Industriale (Italy). They supply bearing rings to, but not limited to, SKF and FAG.

  The first delivery (in the history of BMZ) of bearing steel grade 100Cr6 for Massucco Industriale was made in November 2014. Back then, the rolling mill produced 20,47 t. of rounds Ø 90mm for the Italian customers.


   — This was the first lot, pilot lot, for foreign clients, — said Vasili Gordienko (process engineer, rolling shop). — Up to now bearing steel was produced only for Byelorussian market, in particular for OJSC ‘Minsk Bearing Plant’. The grade and features were a bit different from what European customers ask for. There are more severe and strict requirements for exported products with regard to minimization of values for carbide network and segregation, impurity due to nonmetallic defects, as well as the requirement for no internal and external defects.

   Having converted the rounds from the pilot lot, the Italian company ordered the second lot, i.e. rounds Ø 90 and 110 mm. The required volume of this product is 60 t.: 20 t and 40 t., correspondingly. This metal is being shipped in accordance with the schedule.