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The Scientific and Technical Conference "Metal-2015" is carried out at BMZ

On July 8-9, 2015 the Scientific and Technical Conference of young specialists “Metal-2015” is carried out using the facilities of Metallurgical College. 145 speaker applied to participate at the forum. The number of works, that will be presented under consideration of “Metal-2015” jury,  increased by 25 as compared with preceding year.

The Conference “Metal-2015” contains 12 profile: steel melting, rolling, steel wire, mechanics,  management and production organization, products quality control, information technologies, energy saving and ecology, electrical engineering and automation system, economy, finance, sales and marketing, personnel management,  labour and law management, industrial safety. The most popular section is steel wire, then energy saving and industrial safety judging by the numbers of application received.

This year in addition to the representatives of “BMC” holding,  such companies as Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod, OJSC Ural Steel, OJSC MMK-Metiz, OJSC MZ Dneprostal, OJSC Novolipetsk Steel, OJSC Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant and and other.

It should be noted that Dobrush paper factory will take part in the conference for the first time.

Moreover the enterprises, the representatives of higher educational establishments P.O. Sukhoy Gomel State Technical University, Gomel Engineering Institute of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian National Technical University, Belarusian-Russian University became the participants of conference.

The International Scientific and Technical Conference“Metal-2015” allows its participants to exchange opinions and looks and favours an important task solution – the participation of young specialists in scientific and technological activity to increase the effectiveness of BMZ and all branch.