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The results of the picture contest I want to be a steel maker’ were summed up at BMZ.

The show of pictures from the contest I want to be a steel maker’ was held on June 1, (International Children’s Day) in the Metallurgist Palace of Culture. The winners were announced officially and the children corporate BMZ calendar 2016 will be composed of their pictures.


  It should be noted that this year, as well as the previous year, it was quite a challenge for the jury to decide who is the best. Only 13 pictures were to be selected out of 103 vivid works. Self-reliance, execution form and originality were the main criteria when selecting the winners. As a result, the best works are the pictures of Serafima Alhovskaya, Veronika Bobkova, Veronika Kapustina, Bogdan Kazachenko, Maria Kozlova, Daria Koroliova, Dmitry Mashutin, Uliana Mozgova, Daria Polonevich, Margarita Pritseva, Alisia Rozhkova, Mihail Filatov and Elizaveta Shkuratova.


   The youngest participant in the contest, namely Dominik Shkuratov (aged 2), was awarded with a special prize. Daria Demidova became the most active participant in the contest. However, everyone got their gifts on this special day. All participants in the contest were given diplomas and sweet presents.


   The award ceremony was followed by fascinating performance for children prepared by creative team from the Metallurgist Palace of Culture.