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Byelorussian Metallurgical Company develops cooperation with companies from Saxony

The companies from ‘BMC’ holding and representatives of Saxony industry will take part in Technological Forum scheduled to be held at Byelorussian Steel Works in July 2015. When at BMZ, the representative of Saxony economy in Russia Manfred Lible expressed the interest to hold this forum. As a part of the visit he had a meeting with heads of the companies from ‘BMC’ holding. The possibility of cooperation with German companies was discussed at the meeting.

Directors of OJSC “Legmash”, OJSC “Retchitsa Hardware Plant”, OJSC “Mogilyov Metallurgical Plant”, OJSC “Minsk Bearing Plant”, OJSC “Kobrin Toolmaking Plant “SITOMO” and the representatives of Byelorussian Steel Works - E.A. Peretiagina, Deputy General Director for Technology and Quality, A.V. Volkov, Deputy General Director for Economy and Finances, etc took part in it. They made presentation of holding companies, their industrial potential and production.

As it was mentioned above, the meeting will be followed by Technological Forum scheduled for July 2015 at Byelorussian Steel Works. Not only companies from ‘BMC’ holding will participate, but representatives of at least 10 – 15 companies from Saxony (one of the most advanced industrial regions of Germany) are expected to come. BMZ has already established close cooperation with some of them. For example, ‘Linde’, being a major producer of equipment for gas-oxygen stations, became a supplier of air-separating compressor plants during the construction of gas-oxygen station №2 and a new gas-oxygen station №3, which is to be put into operation soon.

As Manfred Lible said, the idea to have a meeting at BMZ appeared after the visit of the delegation of Byelorussian Steel Works to the industrial exhibition in Leipzig in February 2015. The interest in cooperation with Byelorussian companies arose there. The Technological Forum that will be held on July 2015 will demonstrate the cooperation perspectives in detail. The representative of Saxon economics in Russia also noted that his first visit to BMZ was in 1987 during start-up of steel wire shop № 1 and he was very surprised to know that BMZ advanced technologically so much for the past years.