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BMZ is - The Best Exporter 2014’

Based on results of 2014 OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" has been recognized as ‘The best exporter 2014’. The prize was awarded to general director Anatoly Savenok, as the winner in this competition, on May 14 in Minsk.

104 companies-finalists in 18 nominations, representing practically all lines of exported products, works and services, aspired to be ‘The Best’ in the republican competition in 2015. Byelorussian steel works had no rival in ‘Metallurgy’ nomination. It should be noted that this is not the first time when the company is that successful in this competition: BMZ was ‘The Best exporter’ in 2010 and 2007.


   Undoubtedly, this victory is the achievement of the entire BMZ team of many thousands because professionalism and diligence of the people resulted in deserved performance. Thus, last year BMZ exported 2018,4 thou. t. of metal products to the amount of 1226,6 mln. USD, growth rate was 114,7 % in physical terms and 105,6 % in value terms. Despite global economy is not stable, weakening demand and price reduction, as well as other circumstances, active marketing policy helped the company to maintain its positions in the world markets. In 2014 metal products from Zhlobin were shipped to 59 countries worldwide.

   This competition ‘The best Exporter of the Year’ is held by Byelorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with concerned republican state administration bodies, National Academy of Science of Belarus, State Institution ‘Administration of High Technologies Park’, OJSC ‘Byelorussian Universal Commodity Exchange’ and a number of public organizations. Annually, the companies which made the biggest contribution into strengthening of export potential of Belarus are selected based on its results. The expert jury, when judging who is to be the winner, considered such performance indicators as total volume of export, export growth rates, balance of foreign trade activity, etc. The goal of this competition is to promote development of export-oriented production and facilitate higher prestige of domestic producers of commodities in the global market.