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Two enterprises from “BMC” holding are now displayed on the Honours Board of Gomel Region.

Based on results of 2014 Trade and Production Unitary Enterprise “Metallurtorg” and Transport Unitary Enterprise “Metallurgtrans”, the companies from “BMC” holding, are now displayed on the Honours Board of Gomel Region.

The official acknowledgement of the companies’ achievement by displaying them on the Honours Board as well as celebration in honour of the best districts and work collectives were held on Labour Day eve.


This year 44 enterprises from Gomel Region which ensured high production growth rates in industry and agriculture, scope of services and cargo transportation and having good performance in resource saving became winners in different nominations. For example, TUE “Metallurgtrans”, the carrier of BMZ products to foreign countries, reached all expected main figures according to the results of the past year.

By the way, approximately 150 transport vehicles are in operation in the process-related routes of BMZ. 63 trucks are in use in international routes. High results in 2014 were achieved by TPUE “Metallurgtorg”. They provide nourishing food for BMZ workers.