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In March BMZ produced the max. amount of steel within its 30 years of existence.

According to the results of March production of steel at OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" was record breaking, namely 246 thou. tons. This figure of March is the highest one for the entire history of the company.

The previous record of the steel-makers (236 thou. 728 tons) was set up in October 2012. Undoubtedly, well-coordinated work of the team and the advantages of EAF-1 and CCM-2 after upgrading finished in 2014 played an important role in this achievement.

Speaking of each electric arc furnace, EAF-1 produced 85051,5 tons of steel in March 2015, EAF-2 produced 86 441,4 tons, EAF-3 produced 74 765,2 tons. Making comparison with March 2014, production growth of the two shops in physical terms amounted to 109,4 per cent.


Further downstream steps in the process were provided with the stock as well as the steel produced in the melting shops was also sold to the customers. In total in March 64 thou. tons (more than 346 bln. roubles) was shipped. Concast billet from melting shop-1 was shipped to Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. The product of melting shop-2 was shipped to Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany and Czech Republic. Speaking of shipping, it should be noted that BMZ Trading company established in United Arab Emirates in 2014 sold their first 10 thou. tons of concast billet in March 2015.