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Annual ceremony «Professional Olympus» was carried out at BMZ

The annual ceremony « Olympus” was carried out on February 28, 2015 where the awards were presented to the best departments, the best workers, managers, specialists and the best workers of Unitary Enterprises of BMZ. This solemn and intrigue event was carried out at the Palace of Culture of Metallurgists and was devoted to the celebration in honor of the best workers in 2014.

General Director of Byelorussian Steel Works Anatoly Savenok was traditionallyentitled to announce winners. Prior to announce the winner, he addressed toplant workers. The manager noted that  2014 was a difficult  year, but BMZgot good results due to great services ofpersonnel . 


   Wire Plant-3 became the winner in the nomination “The best main shop”. It should be noted, that It was not for the first time that the team of this Plant  became the winner of production competitions during 2014.

  Railway Shop became the winner in the nomination “The best auxiliary shop”. This achievement proves that its staff always strives for victory.


   Steel Melting Shop-1 became the winner in the nomination “The best main shop for energy saving”.


   Energy Shop became the winner in the nomination “The best auxiliary shop for energy saving”.


   Viktor Hodossovsky, Chief of Steel Wire Shop-3, became the winner in the nomination “The best manager of year”.

   Andrei Buianov, Deputy Chief of Steel Melting Shop-1 for Power Equipment, became the winner in the nomination “The best young manager of year”. The reconstruction of CC-machine-2 has been successfully finished under his direction. Now Andrei Buianov carry out an important project to increase  additional production capacity of secondary metallurgy.


Andrei Protossevitch, Chief Foreman of Steel Melting Shop-1, became the winner in the nomination “The best  Foreman of BMZ”;  

 Egor Skomoroha, Automated Cold-upsetting Machine Operator of Wire Plant -3, - “The best worker by profession”;

Andrei Ahramovitch, Chief of WirePlant-1, - “The best rationalizer of year”;

Sergey Borodin, Processing Engineer of Steel Wire Shop-2, - “The best innovator of year”;

Aleksei Radionov, Engineer of Central Plant Laboratory, - “The best young specialist”;

 Vladimir Dubovik, Control Operator of Pipe Rolling Mill, - “The best job safety inspector”;

Pavel Beltchikov, Foreman of Pipe Rolling Shop, - “The best sportsman of year”;

Aleksandr Komarov, Electrician of Rolling Shop, -“The best participant of amateur performances”;

 Cafeteria-6 – “The best Cafeteria of BMZ”;

Agricultural Unitary Enterprise “Paporotnoye” – “The best unitary enterprise”;    

The winners in the  nomination “The best worker by profession among unitary enterprises ” were the following people: Leonid Vassukov,    Tractor Driver of PAUE “Paporotnoye”; Vladimir Kossatchev, Automation Erector of PCUE “Zhlobinmetallurgstroy”; Pavel Vassiltsov, Driver of PTUE “Metallurgtrans”; Galina Govor, Chief of Cafeteria “Laguna” of PTPUE “Metallurgtorg”; Viktor Golovagn, Control Operator at Crushing and Screening Line of UE “BMZ-Ecoservis”, Gennady Egorov, Driver of UE “Metallurgsocservis”.


 All winners of ceremony «Professional Olympus” were awarded with Cups, Diplomas and flowers. The event was finished by the concert program of National Academy Orchestra under the direction of maestro Mikhail Finberg.