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BMZ published two corporate calendars for 2015

For New Years' Day Byelorussian Steel Works prepared two corporate calendars -one with children's pictures “I would like to be a metallurgist”, another with women workers' photos “Being in the power of beauty). Their presentation was held on December 19, 2014 at Palace of Culture of Metallurgists.

Every year BMZ publishes  in twos calendars. The children's calendar “I would like to be a metallurgist” is created as results of picture contest of the same name. This year 79 children aged from 4 to 12 took part  in it. The little painters ( most of which are the workers' children) represented the enterprise, technological processes and workers. The exhibition of pictures was carried out in the eve of International Day for Children Protection. The winners were announced and all participants were awarded with diplomas and presents. Just these pictures were placed in calendar pages. It should be noted, that this project is not commercial. Its goal is to increase the rising generation's interest in metallurgy and enterprise where their parents and grandparents work.

The second project, that became already traditional, is the calendar with the photos of women workers of Byelorussian Steel Works, enterprises of Holding and  students of Zhlobin Metallurgical College. Within 5 years its idea is to draw  attention to women significance and role in the highly sex-segregated metallurgical industry and break the widespread belief that metallurgist is primarily a man’s career. That why, not professional models took part in photo session, but average women workers. During all projects 73 women workers played  the role of photo models. The most mass photo session was carried  out this year. The corporate calendars of 2015 is decorated with photos of 14 women workers of BMZ. The corporate calendars were printed in limited edition and will be distributed among  business partners of Byelorussian Steel Works