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Renewed exposition of BMZ was opened at Museum of Modern Belarusian Nationality

Byelorussian Steel Works is the only industrial enterprise that is presented with an individual showcase at Museum of Modern Belarusian Nationality. This fact shows the importance of Belarusian metallurgists’ contribution in development and consolidation of economic national potential.

The BMZ exposition is situated in one of five halls dedicated to industrial complex and economic development of our country since the museum opening in 2012. The exposition was completely renewed this year in connection with 30th anniversary of the plant. For this purpose the wide modern exposition showcase was bought, it meets the standards of such famous museums as the Hermitage and the Louvre. The space was doubled that allowed to present all products samples (billet, tube, rebar, steel cord, wire, fiber) and the key awards. The model of electric arc furnace, that is the heart of BMZ production, is situated in the central part of exposition.

The Museum of Modern Belarusian Nationality was created on behalf of President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko as a branch of the state institution “National ”Historical Museum of Republic of Belarus”, it is one of the most modern museums in the country. Its exposition covers the period of modern history of Belarus from 1990 to present time. Some themes are dedicated to the first presidential elections, state symbols, state administration system. The exposition reflects the national achievements in industry, agriculture, education, science, medicine, culture, sport and

international relations. About 4 thousandstoring units (800 of them are presented in 5 halls) arescientifically  processed and collected  in   museum funds.