02-12-2014 2421 Views

BMZ increases its presence in MENA region

The commodity distribution network of BMZ was expanded by the company BelmetSteelDMCC. Its office started to work in Dubai (UAE).

BelmetSteelDMCC (subsidiary of BelmetGmbH (Austria,Linz)  was founded in 2014 to conduct sales of BMZ steel products on markets of Middle East and North Africa. Firstly sales will be focused on high value added products.

As the Commercial Director of BelmetSteelDMCC Tatyana Fomenok informed,  now the specialists of the company carry on active negotiations with potential customers from Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, they  will  apply every effort in order to BMZ products will find a worthy and permanent niche in this region, and the sales volume will increase every year

18 % of BMZ value sales have dispatched into the countries of Middle East and Africa over 10 months of 2014. BMZ has delivered a wide range of steel products in 13 countries of Africa and Middle East: Chad, Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Jordan and Syria.