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BMZ Rolling Plant 30th Anniversary

November 5, 2014 the Rolling Plant of BMZ celebrates its anniversary. The commissioning of this facility took place in three weeks after BMZ first heat (October 15, 1984). Today the rollers may be proud of not only millions tonnes of products, but up-to-date technologies, well-coordinated team of high-class specialists.

In 1984 the Rolling Plant of BMZ included only a light-section rolling mill 320/150 with capacity about 500 thousand tonnes of rolled products per year. Today the light-section mill 320, wire mill 150 and reversing large-section mill 850 work at the Rolling Plant. Its total capacity is about 2,2 million tonnes per year. The rolled products are supplied to more than 50 countries and certified according to standards of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Swiss, Norway, Finland, Holland, Poland and Russia.

The export geography covers the markets of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The products were often the winners of significant international contests. The following goods are manufactured from the products of Mill 850: car hubs, cardan shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, stub axles, rails, differential parts. The homologation of hot rolled round bars O80-160 mm was carried out at the companies HAY, Hammerwerk, Siepman Werke, Mahindra (Germany) that were the suppliers of autocomponents for famous German automobile concerns. In 2013 Mill 850 capacity -about 600 thousand tonnes per year whereas in the first year of its operation only 310 thousand tonnes.

The specialization of Mill 320 is the reinforcing bars. Its maximum production capacity was reached in 2012 - 1,074 million t. The project capacity was only 500 thousand tonnes, but due to the commissioning of rebar multistrand rolling it was possible to double the productivity. Rebars of BMZ were supplied for the construction of the National Library of Belarus, reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and erection of business center "Moscow-City", the National Stadium in Warsaw, Olympic facilities in London and Sochi, some blocks of nuclear power plants in Russia and Belarus.

The production of Mill 150 is rolled products in coils with diameter from 5,5 mm to 22 mm that is used for further processing in Wire Plants or the main raw material for Rechitsa metizny plant. Its maximum production capacity was reached in 2012 - 571,2 thousand tonnes, though the Mill began its history with annual production of 274 thousand tonnes.

By the end of this year BMZ will complete the construction of the light-section rolling mill. After its commissioning BMZ will practically manufacture all rolled product range. This fact will be one more competitive advantage on international market.