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Dear friends!

The hot heart of Byelorussian Steel Works has been beating with confidence for already thirty years. The amazing history has been written over the past years, rich in bright events, the difficulties that have been overcome, achievements that were impossible at first sight, and proven hopes.


The steel of the quality well-known in the world has been produced for thirty years in our electric arc furnaces. BMZ products are used in different spheres, namely, when erecting solid sky-scrapers, penetrating the earth, making reliable automobiles and even conquering space. Such wide recognition is general achievement of the team of many thousands with zeal and high expertise at all times. These qualities have always been attributable to Zhlobin steel-makers and they are passed on from one generation to another. Some time ago the veterans who started the history of Byelorussian Steel Works from scratch, managed to make strong foundation by their labour for future prosperity and start traditions. Today active young people full of initiative maintain and carry on them. The youth are proud to have the title of handlers of steel, as well.

According to the human scale, 30 years of age is the period of flourishing: certain experience has already been gained, proper knowledge is available, as well as power and bravery to make the best achievements. The same applies to Byelorussian Steel Works. Our company has already perfected manufacturing techniques and gained firm prestige in the steel market, but we never stop at what has been accomplished and keep on improving and developing. New facilities are being constructed, the capacities of the existing facilities are increasing, strategically important projects are being implemented. This very approach to the matter can strengthen and increase the progress made during these years and bring the company to the new, higher level.

Byelorussian Steel Works is 30 years of age. This is not just the anniversary of one individual enterprise. This number is closely linked with the life of the town, region and republic. Thousands of destinies are entwined with the history of BMZ forever. Hundreds of business partners worldwide make it possible for BMZ to keep abreast of the times, make our brand more well-known, create the history of BMZ together with its employees.

30 years is the important event, measuring off the passed path and opening the doors for new achievements. Let the path we will walk be full of inspiration, new beginnings, progress and achievements, deserving to be the feature of the new milestone of Byelorussian Steel Works!

Truly yours,


General director of OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding".