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Wire Plant-1 of BMZ reached 1,5 million tonnes of steel products over its production history

On August 29, 2014 the anniversary tone of steel cord of construction 9L20/35 was prepared at package area of Wire Plant-1 to supply to JSC “Belshina” (Bobruisk).

ImageIt took 27 years to reach this 1.5 million result. It will be recalled that in 1987 after putting in commission  the second stage of BMZ  the Wire Plant-1focused on production of 25 thousand t of steel cord and 10 thousand t of bead wire per year. Over last years the production volume at Plant-1 was increased due to reconstruction and modernization activities. The list of developed  steel cord constructions was enlarged. At present it consists of more than 70 types, in distant 1987 five of heightspecified types of steel cord started to be manufactured  in the country for the first time.

Before the shipping of anniversary products  Deputy Chief of Wire production O.V Abramenko, Main Specialist for Wire Production E.V. Shamanovskaya congratulated the staff of Wire Plant-1 on another labor victory. The managers wished the workers health, good spirits and new achievements.