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The third Conference of Suppliers was carried out at BMZ

On April 24, 2014 the third  International Conference of Suppliers was carried out at OJSC “BSW-management company “BMC” holding. The Conference was attended by 100 business partners from 11 countries of the world.  Three partners  were awarded with the title “Best Supplier” and  four partners - with the title “The Reliable Supplier” for results of reporting year.

The following companies were given  the title“The Best Supplier” for results of reporting year:Lebedinsky GOK(Russia, hot briquetted iron), Uvarovitchistroymatereriali,CC (Belarus, plastic pallet), Siemens VAI Metals Technologie (Germany, technological equipment). The title “The Reliable Supplier” was awarded to Chiaturmanganum Georgia Company (Georgia, ferro silico manganese),JSC «Volzhsky Abrasive Works»

(Russia, silicon carbide), JSC “Gomel PO “Kristall – management company of “ Kristallholding” Branch “Diamond Tool Factory” (Belarus, diamond dust), "Dneprotechservice" scientific and production firm (Ukraine, mandrels).


Both business partners from Belarus and Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Korea, China, Finland   were interested in participation in the Conference.

During the Conference the supplierslearnt about innovation development projects of enterprise, the existing supplier quality system and material approval procedure. They also learnt  the analysis of supplies system, visited the shops of enterprise, discussed the development of further collaboration.

As the participants noted, such event allows to learn better the customer and communicate directly with both technicians and managers of BMZ.

This form of  cooperation with supplier is unique for Belarussian enterprises.

   It allows to transform business relations into partnership where two parties are interested in the improvement of  product quality and its cost saving. This conception combines at the same time the severity with loyalty regarding to a contractor.


So according to following criteria – delivery quality index, logistics, loyalty to BMZ  71,2% of raw material suppliers,  44,6% of materials and machinery suppliers, 41,5% of equipment suppliers were received the rating “Excellent”  for results of 2013.  It is quite good that the rating “Unsatisfactory” was only 2,8%, 2,6% и7,9%, respectively.

So as the representative of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies in Belarus Nikita Mihnevitch noted, the Award “Best Supplier” is prestigious for a company, it confirmsthe recognition and stimulates the further cooperation. For example, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies and BMZ work together since the erection of plant. Many joint projects were successfully realized. At the beginning of this year BMZ put into operation  continuous billet casting machine-2, the supplier of  equipment was the company Siemens VAI. At present the company realizes one more project at Zhlobin plant – “Increase inproductivity of out-of-furnace steel refining”.

It is worth mentioning that only those companies which are able to ensure high level of quality of its products and materials are included in the list of BMZ suppliers.

   It is the principal criterion of business partner choice.  So that the test product approval procedure was the most effective, on August, 2011 the Research Center was set up at BMZ  and it is successfully functioning now. Selection of supplier is a very delicate and long-term process. For example, the test product approval procedure for rolling production may be prolonged from 1,5 to 2 years.