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TUV NORD Systems confirmed Conformity certificate

Within period from 20.01.2014 to 24.01.2012 the representatives of certification authority «TUV NORD Systems» (Germany) carried out the second production audit:

- re-certification audit of seamless pipes production for compliance with the requirements of Directive 97/23/EC and AD 2000 Merkblatt W0W13 with scope of application DIN EN 10216-1,2,3,4/ DIN 1629, DIN EN 10208-1,2; Regulation ЕС305/2011 for construction with scope of application DIN EN 10025-2, DIN EN 10210-1, DIN EN 10297-1, DIN EN 10255;
- inspection audit of steel fiber production for compliance with the requirements of Regulation ЕС305/2011 for construction.
The following plants and department were inspected during the audit: Rolling Mill-850, Pipe Rolling Mill, Wire Plant No.3 (steel fiber).  The auditors were present at the following technological tests of tubes: tensile test, impact strength test, flattening test. The auditors  became familiar with technological normative documents  of plant. Any non-compliances have not been found.