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BSW decreases emissions in atmosphere

According to results of 6 months in 2018 OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding decreased gross emissions of pollutants in atmosphere for 347 tons (8%) in comparison with the similar period of 2017, while maintaining steel output on the previous level. Though hard and thorough work precedes to important result BSW doesn’t intend to stop there: complex reconstructions of dust and gas cleaning plants №2 and 3 are planned in the foreseeable future, and realization of several environment programmes as well which will allow making production and sky above Zhlobin cleaner.

Just in 2017 12 environmental sector programmes were realized at BSW. They covered as improvement of emission control system, and direct actions for flue gas cleaning. We must not forget to mention about so massive project of reconstruction as productivity increase of secondary steel metallurgy, implied commissioning of gas cleaning equipment and construction of treatment facilities of salted wastewater. Implementation of these two projects required over 217 million roubles of investments from plant.

For BSW ecological investments are not only self-denying caring of native land but obligatory requirement without fulfillment of which no one famous world company will purchase Zhlobin steel products.  

Currently in order to consolidate the credibility of BSW among foreign customers of products Zhlobin metallurgists work actively on products certification for conformity to standard ВЕS 6001, which has strict requirements in environment and sustainability areas. Preliminary certification stage was carried out in July of this year, the second one is scheduled for September.  As noted, this certificate imposes additional responsibility on plant in terms of minimizing exposure to environment.

Undoubtedly, environmental protection of BSW will be continued:  during the current year enterprise should implement 19 related activities valued at 225 thous.USA. Totally these planned actions will be the significant step to improve ecological situation in Zhlobin region, and metallurgists are primarily interested in it.