26-04-2018 2099 Views

BMZ began the production on the restored bead wire unit

At Steel Wire Shop-1 the unit for the bead wire production-2 restored its work after the incident in November 2017: the equipment testing started with the release of marketable products.


In the current month, the first bronzed plated bead wire tons will be shipped to consumers. The beginning of the test equipment was preceded by more than 4 months of hard construction and installation works. During this period, the specialists of BMZ and contractors repaired the building, restored and replaced the equipment on the production line. Special attention was paid to the unit improvement. Thus, the equipment supplier is the Italian company "Coseco" — was amended in a procedure for the control of chemical products, embedded control system technology lines of wire, modern methods of cross monitoring of temperature, more precise control of flow coumarone resins etc. These characteristics minimize technology downtime and increase productivity.


The capacity of the restored unit is 1800 tons of finished products per month. The resumption of its work will allow BMZ to increase the volume of bead wire sales of for the leading tire companies in the world. By the way, in the first quarter of 2018, the plant shipped more than 6,000 tons of these products to consumers.