08-01-2018 1550 Views

European Accreditation experts confirmed high level of work done by BMZ Chief Metrologist dpt.

Commission of European Accreditation worked in the Republic of Belarus to give parity appraisal for National system of accreditation, and assessed quality system of Chief Metrologist dpt. positively, noted that metrological assurance procedures comply with international requirements. Assessment of competence of employees from chief metrologist dpt. done by technical experts from the Republic of Belarus has also been confirmed.

The group making parity appraisal was composed of experts from European accreditation bodies from Turkey, France, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland. During the week foreign specialists were observing how Byelorussian State Accreditation Center was assessing competence in calibration and testing laboratories, product certification bodies, management systems and personnel.

So, international experts picked up BMZ calibration laboratory to check how international standards in the field of accreditation are followed. Positive results of this appraisal made it possible for Byelorussian State Accreditation Center to prove that National System of Accreditation in the Republic of Belarus fulfills the requirements of European law concerning accreditation, requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17011:2004 ‘Compliance assessment. General requirements of compliance assessment bodies for accreditation bodies’, as well as requirements of international accreditation organizations EA, ILAC, IAF.

The European experts recommended for Byelorussian State Accreditation Center to sign EA recognition agreement in the following areas: tests ISO/IEC 17025, calibration ISO/IEC 17025, personnel certification ISO/IEC 17024, product certification ISO/IEC 17065, certification of management systems ISO/IEC 17021-1.