Chilled iron shot and grit

Ballast shot

5,0; 6,0 mm
TY BY 700123720.010-2013

Mechanical properties

Shot type Shot number Density, kg/m3, not less Hardness, Hv
CISB 5.0; 6,0 мм 7200 545…830


Chilled iron shot and grit are packed in bags "Big-Bag" (capacity 1000 kg) and in propylene bags (capacity 25 kg) in 40 pcs on wooden.

Euro pallets under thermocontractable film.

Chilled iron shot and grit are used for:

  • shot casting and shot-blasting cleaning of casting, forged pieces and other products before and after thermal treatment;
  • surface preparation of details under galvanized cover, enameling, cleaning of cutting instrument, thin-walled rolling from carbonaceous, low-carbon and alloyed steel;
  • scrubbing of small-sized foundry goods in engineering industry by the increased requirements to roughness of large and middle nonferrous castings;
  • scrubbing of iron and steel middle, heavy and especially heavy casting for diesel engine building, hydraulic turbines, blowing machines, turbo generators, fabrication mill, cylinder blocks of automobile and tractor motor;
  • reinforcement of torsion shafts, spring plates, cylindrical twisted springs, details of complex geometrical molding boxes.