Reinforcing bars

Weld die-rolled section bars for concrete structures class В500ВWR

Ø 6,8,10,12,14,16,20,22,25,28,32,36,40,50 mm
Steel grade:
B300 A-R, B300 B-R, B300 C-R, B300 D-R, B400 A-R, B400 B-R, B400 C-R, B400 A-R, B500 B-R, B500 C-R, B300 DWR, B350 DWR, B400 AWR, B400 BWR, B400 CWR, B400 DWR, B420 DWR, B500 AWR, B500 BWR, B500 CWR, B500 DWR
ES: 262 – 2 / 2009 , ISO: 6935 – 2 / 2007

In bundles, weight 5 tons max., with banding by wire rod 6,5 mm in 6 places min. equally distributed over bundle. Each bundle is provided with 2 steel straps for multiple lifting.

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