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29-11-2013 2736 Views

About 1150 new work places will be created at BSW by the end of 2014

   Large-scale modernization that is carried out nowadays at OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding» foresees not only establishment of new production facility, product output increase and quality improvement but also ensures employment of population of the region due to creation of additional work places. Considering number of objects to be put into operation by the end of 2014 about 1150 citizens of Zhlobin and nearest areas will have opportunity to become employed and significantly increase number of the enterprise employees - up to 13 thousand. Employment for some vacancies has been started already.

In particular, that concerns work places created as a result of modernization of steel melting production which nowadays has reached its final stage. First of all additional personnel is required for continuous casting machine № 2, where new working areas were established. Forexample, controlpulpitofgas-cuttingassembly. According to staff list for that area were added the following job vacancies for repair service: mechanics for repair of gas, mechanical, hydraulic equipment and equipment maintenance electrician. Totally after reconstruction of electric steel melting production BSW will accept 38 employees.

   52 new work places were created in a Scrap yard due to the fact that in December, 2013 limekiln plant № 3 will be put into operation (LKP №3). Job list will include process personnel (lime burners, crane operator) and maintenance personnel (electricians, mechanic for equipment maintenance). Staff acceptance for LKP № 3 started in August and by the moment 18 people have been employed on a part-time basis or are passing medical examination. Accepting of maintenance specialists has also been started.

   The biggest number of work places — 1020 will be created after start up in December, 2014 of key-object of BSW modernization program — light-section rolling mill. Staff forming for the new light-section rolling mill of BSW will be started in the first half of 2014. At the moment building and construction jobs are ongoing and staff of the new mill consists of 12 people.