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18-09-2013 3271 Views

The best building product of 2013 is produced by BSW

Reinforcing rolled material, welded, die-rolled, В500Сmm class, for concrete reinforcement produced by BSW is considered to be the best building product of 2013.

This title is a high appreciation for any company because the status of the winner of the state contest “Best building product of the year” is awarded by a professional expertise based on objective criteria and is confirmed with corresponding documents. In addition to technical parameters and properties of the products a number other factors are taken into consideration: experience in use, availability of claims, quality management system existence at the enterprise, service support, etc. — all this allows objective and all-sided assessment of a contestant level. It’s worth mentioning that Byelorussian Steel Works has been taking part in this contest during the last three years and becomes its winner every year.

92 enterprises of the building industry of Belarus which submitted 142 applications were awarded this year. There were winners in the nominations: “Best building technology of the year”, “Best building structure (system) of the year, “Best building material (product) of the year”, “Best integrated system, technical solution in building”, “Innovation of the year”, “Best building machinery and equipment of the year” and “Fireproof materials and products”. The strongest competition took place in the nomination “Best building material (product) of the year”: 128 applications were considered. In spite of this, Byelorussian Steel Works won the deserved award again proving a high quality of its product.