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27-06-2013 2749 Views

BSW develop cooperation with Chinese building companies

Talks with representatives of Chinese Engineering Corporation CAMC were held at Byelorussian Steel Works and an agreement was reached to sign a delivery contract for reinforcing material and crushed slag delivery in 2013. 6000 tons of rebar and over 100 thousand tons of crushed slag are to be supplied according to the agreement.

These products will be used for construction of a plant producing sulfate bleached pulp in Svetlogorsk. As became known, the Chinese engineering corporation CAMC entered into a construction work contract with Svetlogorsk pulp-cardboard mill. As for Zhlobin enterprise, it will be one of the material suppliers for the erection of the plant.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first experience of BSW work with Chinese companies doing construction work in the Republic of Belarus. Thus, over the period of 2012 the enterprise delivered rebar for the erection of two hydroelectric power stations: Novolukomlskaya and Beryozovskaya. Zhlobin steelmakers shipped over 113 tons of reinforcing material for these objects constructed by Chinese companies.

If to speak about the new plant, this investment project is one of the largest in the region during the last years. Total expenses under the project will amount to almost $864 million. It is necessary to say that world market demand for white sulfate pulp is constantly increasing. It is used for production of writing paper, sanitary and hygienic products and in electrochemical and chemical industries. Production of bleached pulp in our country will allow complete cancellation of import as well as arrange export of approximately 200 thousand tons. Thus, it is planned that the plant with the area of 70 ha will reach annual capacity of 400 thousand tons in 2015.

Use of reinforcing rolled material produced by BSW in the construction of such responsible projects underlines adequate quality of our products and speaks of a high level of work with customers and timely fulfillment of contract obligations by the plant.