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In accordance with the procedure of supplier assessment of the Private Joint-Stock Company “Rosava” and based on the results of 2012 the plant was rated as an “EXCELLENT SUPPLIER”. Purchasing and logistics director of PJSC”ROSAVA” points out that “partnership with suppliers of such a high level guarantees a success of our enterprise and in its turn obliges us to support the status of a reliable and competitive producer”.

Business relations of OJSC “BSW - Management Company of “BMC” Holding and Private Joint-Stock Company “ROSAVA” (Ukraine) were established 25 years ago.


Belotserkovsky tire plant, now named Private Joint-Stock Company “ROSAVA” has been operating since 1972. Main type of its activity is tire production. Its product range includes more than 150 dimension types of tires for passenger cars, light trucks and trucks, agricultural and road-building machines. At present PJSC “ROSAVA” is the largest tire producer in the Ukraine and since 2010 it is among 75 largest producers of the world.