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18-03-2013 2903 Views

BMZ – Laureate of Premium of Ministry of Industry of Republic of Belarus

February 25, 2013 Byelorussian Steel Works became the Prize Winner of Ministry of Industry of Republic of Belarus in the field of science and engineering. Annual this Premium is awarded for development and implementation

of new materials and technologies that favour the attainment of Byelorussian science on a level with the highest worlds standards and the development of industry.

The progressive and innovation research «The development and implementation of industrial complex technology implementation of multistrand rolling of reinforcing bars at mill-320 of Byelorussian Steel Works» was nominated by enterprise’s scientific and technical board. The composite author includes 6 metallurgists: Main Specialist for Rolling Production Nikolai Anelkin, Chief of Rolling Mill Petr Bobkov, Technologist of Rolling Mill Vasilii Gordienko, sixth -class Service Technician Eduard Kozlovski, Chief of Mill 320Andrei Kohanuk and seventh-class Operator Rolling-mill-320 Aleksandr Suvorov.

This research presented in nomination “Advanced manufacturing processes, resource-saving technologies” received the best rating by Council of Experts of Ministry of Industry . At the prize ceremony Minister of Industry Dmitry Katerinich congratulated the winners and presented them with honorable diplomas.

-This project is large-scale, many more specialists took part in its realization, - said Chief of Science and Research Information Dpt. Vladimir Gritsaenko who leaded the workgroup for document preparation for nomination. - But according to Statute of competition composite author should not exceed 6 persons. That is why, it was necessary to select the very best specialists that made the greatest contribution for implementation and development of slitting process in mill-320.

Since the receipt of Competition Statute inOctober2012, the all- level specialists started intensive preparation. All documentation about research executed and the composite author was prepared on a tight timetable. Council of Experts of Ministry of Industry was interested in economic indexes in comparison with the best foreign analogs, data about product certification, supplies, achieved economic effect, creative contribution share of every competitor.