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26-11-2012 3206 Views

The exposition of BSW has been recognized as the best at the international exhibition Metal-Expo 2012’

Summarizing the results of the 18th international industrial exhibition "Metal-Expo 2012’, OJSC "BSW – management company of "BMC" holding" has been awarded the cup "The Best Exposition" and Diploma for highly professional organization of promotion of products and services at the international exhibition 'Metal-Expo 2012". 728 companies from 35 countries worldwide took part in the exhibition

'Metal-Expo 2012’ is the 25th exhibition for Byelorussian Steel Works within 11 months of 2012. The efficiency of such advance of BSW is proved by the fact that the company found new sales markets over the said period of time: Croatia, Albania, Kazakstan, Israel, Morocco, Thailand, Brazil, Singapore. Moreover, the plant has made deliveries of steel products to 25 new companies to the amount of more than $20 mio over 10 months of this year. The exhibition took place in Moscow on November 13-16 and the stand of Byelorussian Steel Works with the area of 85 square meters made good in the overall exposition. Presentation of BSW corporate calendar 2013 aroused visitors’ particular interest. By the way, it will be introduced to the Byelorussian public at the beginning of December.

It is important to note that 'Metal-Expo 2012’ is one of the biggest metallurgy-oriented exhibitions in the post-Soviet area. It joins the interests of steel makers, active and potential buyers, producers and suppliers of equipment, raw materials and other materials. More than 30 thousand of potential customers of metallurgical products visited it in 2012.

— 'Metal-Expo 2012’, as well as other exhibitions, where the plant participates, is of high practical importance, — says director for marketing of OJSC 'BSW — management company of 'BMC' holding'  Yury Anatolevich Molchanov. — Besides acquisition of complete information about the condition of metal market and the demand for our products at this market, acquaintance with new technologies showed up in the sector, we established new contacts with potential customers. So, more than 50 companies from Russia, Kazakstan, Czechia, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey, Estonia, Egypt, etc. showed interest in steel products of BSW. Hopefully, the contacts established in Moscow will soon grow into concrete forms of mutually beneficial cooperation for supplies of our products to the new business partners.