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12-11-2012 2923 Views

Byelorussian Steel Works introduced a corporative social report for 2011 to a public.

In October, 31 Open Joint-Stock Company “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “BMC” holding” introduced a corporative social report for 2011 to a public. The document is made in “G3” format of reporting manual in the sphere of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) sustainable development.

Having joint to UNO Global Compact in 2008, Byelorussian Steel Works introduced its Corporative Social Report for the fourth time. The information about enterprise influence on economic and social development of its production activity and key interacting parties (consumers, inhabitants, suppliers, investors and government bodies) was structurally represented on 156 pages of the document.

In the course of hearing, the leaders of the plant informed the participants about the main aspects of social and economical activity, the work results in the sphere of personnel management, labor protection and environment.

Contact person of UNO Global Compact local area in Belarus Taisiya Vladimirovna Yeletskih analyzed Corporative Social Report of Byelorussian Steel Works in the following way:

“Byelorussian Steel Works – is the best representative of domestic business communities, working according to international standards of corporative management. Besides, BSW is the first government enterprise, which joined to Global Compact Initiative. You are the first who began to introduce to a public not only financial but corporative social report according to international standard GRI. This document is recognized by a government, business partners and investors all over the world”.