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19-10-2012 2660 Views

Customer audit

During 02.10.2012 till 05.10.2012 Michelin representatives carried out an audit of the production process of 2+7x0,28 NF 32/AS 50034 steel cord.

They pointed out strong sides of BSW: high professionalism and openness of the staff, well-arranged and organized production and control process. Representatives of the French company mentioned effective cooperation, personnel orientation towards fulfillment of customers’ requirements, cleanness and order in the production facilities, sufficiently good management and quality control system. The companies held a joint discussion of technical issues and outlined specific technical goals and improvement plans.

Positive results of the audit lay the foundation for the outlooks of further cooperation with Michelin. The world leader of tire industry possesses 69 production sites situated in 18 countries of five continents of the world.