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11-09-2012 2695 Views

Best building product of 2012

Steel fiber for concrete reinforcement (anchor, wavy, microfiber) according to DIN EN 14889 and nonprestressed reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures class S500, hot-rolled bundles Æ 10-32 mm according to STB 1704 produced by BSW are named the “Best building product of 2012” based on the results of professional tournament. Diplomas evidencing this title were handed over to the plant September 3.


BSW has participated in the tournament “Best building product of the year” for the third time. In 2010 similar title was awarded to fiber produced of steel wire for concrete reinforcement (anchor, wavy, straight) according to TU BY 400074854.628-2009, and in 2011 — steel hot-deformed seamless pipes of structural steel grades according to DIN EN 10210 and nonprestressed rebars for reinforced concrete structures class S500, cold-deformed coils Æ 4-12 mm according to STB 1704.

This year products of Byelorussian Steel Works were represented in the largest nomination “Best building material (product) of the year” (128 applications). Based on the expertise of the documents supplied the Expert Committee consisting of professionals and recognized experts in this area and enjoying authority in the professional environment took a decision to award diplomas to our fiber for concrete reinforcement and nonprestressed reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures. In addition to technical characteristics and properties of the claimed products the experts took into consideration a number of additional factors: experience in the product use, claims available, quality management system existing at the enterprise, service backup, etc. to allow them to assess the level of the product participating in the tournament objectively and thoroughly. Victory at the tournament gives the possibility to apply the logo of the tournament to the package of the product and is an effective marketing instrument to promote the product on the sales markets.